Organic Wedding Photoshoot



This sweet editorial from Jessica Gold Photography and Carly Potter features wedding inspiration that is organic, soft, and romantic. First, we love the neutral color palette! The bride wears a simple yet stunning blush chiffon gown, giving her a romantic and beautiful aesthetic. With her loose, lush and curly hair, her bridal look is nothing short of gorgeous. The florals bring in a neutral and organic green/white palette, which complements the white fabric and candles!

We love that this tablescape can be set up either in the middle of a field, or we can easily be set up on a long farm table. With just a simple white cloth, candles, and other simple details, the romance and soft look is still seen on the table. To incorporate the greens from the florals, Carly Potter used green pears in a ceramic bowl for some simple decor. And of course, why not have personalized name cards, especially for the bride?

Also, let’s all admit we adore florals, and this was no exception. Using a neutral color palette, the team brought together white pops and greenery to create a lush and organic bouquet. To complement the look, they added some grey ribbon to flow in the wind, bringing the entire aesthetic together. And last, we love the energy, simplicity, and romance between the couple. Bringing the bouquet, the chiffon gown, and simple groom look, we love the portraits that resemble the couple’s love for each other. In the midst of the simplicity and organic feel, we believe that there are still unique and raw ideas in this shoot.

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