Make-up lessons. How to make a beautiful makeup.

In fact, you don’t have to sign up three months in advance for famous stylists, you can just follow the rules of makeup and get a spectacular image.

You can make any makeup, both everyday and festive. The main thing is to choose quality products of decorative cosmetics. Nowadays, the most useful alternative to traditional means is mineral cosmetics. Its high popularity is due to a number of significant advantages:


Choose a style

Most girls do makeup for some reason. And some like to just experiment to find the right images and good styles. Based on what the make-up is applied for, its types are selected. Let’s look at the basic types.

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According to, this type of make-up girls use in conjunction with evening dresses for a festive event. For example, a trip to the theater, a wedding, birthday or any other occasion where such a make-up is appropriate. There is one rule, the violation of which indicates a lack of taste: you can not simultaneously highlight the eyes and lips. Even if you want to get a bright and attractive image should not do several accents at once. It is better to highlight one part of the face, which will attract rapturous looks. When choosing evening makeup you are not limited in action. Eyes can be painted with shadows with two or three transitions or make dark arrows. For lipsticks you can use bright saturated lipstick, provided that the eyes are not highlighted or, conversely, nude shades, with a spectacular eye make-up.



Any woman knows that red lipstick is a sign of sexuality, and this shade acts on men like a magnet. If you want men to see you off with their eyes all day long, then bravely apply red lipstick. There is a perception that this shade is not suitable for all women. In fact, it’s a profound misconception. Red lipstick fits every woman, the main thing is to choose the right shade.

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The light tone of the face, lipstick in light pink tones, pearl shadows, and the image of a romantic person is ready. You can add to it a hairstyle made in the form of light waves. Tenderness and carelessness of the image will give a feeling of lightness and good mood. Such a meikap is perfect for spring time of year.


The make-up styles presented above are the base. From them, as from a tree, grows many branches – other types of make-up.

How to make a beautiful make-up: step-by-step instructions

No matter what style of make-up you prefer, there is a certain algorithm of actions that is performed with any makeup.

Step 1. Skin preparation.

In order for the make-up to last longer it is necessary to prepare the skin. Clean your face with special products such as: tonic, foam, mousse, gel, micellar water or other usual products. We advise you not to wash with soap, because of its negative effects – tightening and excessive drying of the skin. After cleansing, it is necessary to moisturize the skin with a cream. The next step is to apply the primer. Do not skip this procedure, as using primer allows to make the meikap more stable, and create a barrier between skin and cosmetics. Pay attention that primers from a ruler of mineral cosmetics noticeably longer remain on the face, and are capable all day to absorb a secret of sebaceous glands.

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Step 2. Tonal basis application.

An important point when choosing a tonal product is its selection by skin type. Girls with oily skin better acquire matting creamy textures, and with dry skin – moisturizing. Another important aspect is choosing the right tone. The mineral product line offers dozens of shades, allowing you to choose a subtone that’s identical to your skin color, and avoid the problem of a face mask. Also, the dry consistency of the mineral base eliminates possible “undertones” of the product.


Tonal remedy will help mask the smallest facial defects, as well as black spots and inflammation. Apply the base better with a brush or sponge for the most even distribution on the skin. To mask dark circles under the eyes, use a concealer in 1-2 shades of lighter foundation. The correct order of application is that mineral concealers are applied before the tone, so that the lighter tone of the concealer is then masked with a tone.

Step 3: Sculpting the face

In recent years, techniques such as strobing and contouring have become particularly popular. They help make the face more structured and adjust its shape. Depending on the shape of the face darken and brighten its different zones.

  • Oval shape. Darkens the area under the cheekbone and brightens the center of the forehead, chin and nose.
  • Square shape. It is darkened by strongly protruding parts – the massive lower jaw and sides of the forehead. Clarify the vertical of the face – the middle of the forehead, nose and chin.
  • The round shape. The roundness of the cheeks is concealed by darkening the side parts of the face. Clarify the centre of the forehead, nose and chin.
  • Triangular shape. Corners of forehead and center of chin blacken. Side parts of chin and nose lighten up.

Facial sculpting uses products such as a highlighter to lighten up and a bronzer to blacken. Today, there are many such products on the market. But mineral highiters, due to mica in their composition, give the face a natural radiance.

Step 4. Eye and eyebrow makeup.

Products are selected not only depending on the style and reason for makeup, but also on the features of the shape of the eye. For most forms, such as solid, hanging eyelids, close or wide planted eyes, the technology of applying shadows – a gradient from dark to light. This technique allows you to visually adjust the shape of the eyes.


According to the right technology, you should first apply shadows, then eyeliner, and then mascara. Brunettes should give preference to a pencil or eyebrow gel at 1-2 shades lighter than hair color, and blondes – at 1-2 shades darker.

In the photo you can see how to make a beautiful makeup for yourself.


Step 5. Make up lip.

Lip cosmetics are currently available in a range of glossy and matt lipsticks, glossy, tints and other products. For visual enhancements, choose glossy products. Matte lipsticks look very effective on your lips, but you need to prepare the surface before applying them. You should polish your lips with a soft scrub and moisturize them intensively, only then apply a matte texture.

In the photo you can see how to make beautiful lip make-up step by step.