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Bubble tea is getting popular nowadays in many cities and countries. But what is this drink, actually? Let’s find out that.

What Is Bubble Tea?

Originally, this drink was created in Taiwan and its other names are boba tea, sometimes people call it tapioca tea or pearl tea with milk. The base of this tea (which is actually a kind of a cocktail) is tea or coffee, sometimes milk, some fruit and ‘pearls’ which are chewed and they normally lie at the bottom of the cup.

The bubble tea doesn’t get bubbles, in fact. Often, when this tea is made with milk, some froth forms on its surface after the mil is shaken, so that’s why one of the most common names for this dessert drink is bubble tea. ‘Boba’ is some slang word from the Taiwanese language and it means ‘pearls’.

The pearls are made from tapioca, which is starch extracted from a root of cassava, the tapioca doesn’t have any gluten in its natural state and it is often used for making pearls or flour. The tapioca pearls are cooked in special ways for putting them into the drinks and first, they don’t get any flavor. But being soaked in sugar syrups they obtain a certain taste and being put into the bubble tea they acquire more taste. But they are put into the bubble teas more for adding some texture than for bringing more flavor.

Lollicup Menu

The café Lollicup’s menu is quite big and diverse, recently they have done some improvements to the interior and menu list, so the changes were favorable. They have got a variety of milk teas like almond milk tea, mango milk tea etc. Milk lattes, fruit teas, fruit juices, icy slushes are also present in a menu in different colors and tastes. Passion fruit juice, winter melon juice, slushes like blueberry, pina colada or mango slushes may be tried here and they taste amazingly. Snow smoothies –  strawberry yoghurt snow, grape, honeydew snows, boba teas, jellies like mango jelly, almond, coffee, grass jellies will make you lose your mind even trying to pick one. You may eat some snacks and plates if you are really hungry and crave something more substantial than desserts and jellies.

Best Lollicup Drinks

Snow smoothies and green teas are one of the best and tastiest drinks in this sweet café. Various kinds of bubble tea and the Thai ice tea are also extremely popular with the visitors of this candy-favor spot. There is some couch area where you may sit, talk and drink your fave drinks with your friends or family members or even play some board games.

Lollicup Hours

From Monday to Saturday the café works from 1 p.m. to 12 a.m. On Saturday the place is open for trying something sweet and bubbly from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. So if you are local or just traveling around, visit this place and get your portion of sweet drinks and desserts.

Lollicup, Stockton

There is almost the same café where you might have something candy and pleasant with the best smoothies and bubble teas if you happen to be around Stockton, CA.

Lollicup, Irvine

In Irvine, CA you might also try your favorite desserts and drinks being in this town. You have a chance to get meals to go with you from this spot. There is some info about this location with sweets and desserts:

Lollicup, Sacramento

A sweet bar with delicious smoothies, bubble teas, coffee, tea, desserts and macarons is at your service in Sacramento. The happiest hours may be spent by your and your closest people in this candy spot with a variety of drinks and cocktails. There is some info and reviews on this place, plus working hours and available service options.

So, don’t miss the fave desserts and candies, bubble tea cups full of the pearls when you travel as Lollicups may be found in many American places and towns.