Papa Murphy’s Broken Arrow

The history of pizza emerging is rather interesting as first it was the food for the poor people of Naples in the 18th century where the works did a lot of work in a fast growing city and they were in need of some cheap and plain food, which was easy to eat fast. So, they put various ingredients on the flat bread and loaves and ate it. It was also comfy to carry such breads with fillings in boxes throughout the city.

But a little later, when a queen Margherita with the king came to Naples and being tired of the French food, requiring a lot of complex steps, wished to have some local food. The cook managed to prepare three kinds of pizza for them and the queen’s fave one was the plain pizza with tomatoes, cheese and basil seasoning. Now it bears the name of the queen – pizza Margherita. Since that time pizza was fashionable and grew in popularity until the modern times becoming now even more popular and widespread.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Papa Murphy’s pizza is the fifth biggest brand of pizza makers in the US, and it was started in 1981 becoming the world’s biggest pizza company of its own kind. The thing is that this brand positions itself as a ‘Take and Bake’ pizza company. You might be confused about what this is about. The company is supposed to sell raw pizza, which is made freshly after it is ordered and then is taken or delivered home and people are able to put it into the oven, bake it and have it freshly cooked and full of flavor. You might have this pizza freshly made at the store or delivered it to your door.

The pizza spot always makes fresh dough, the vegetables are freshly sliced with the freshly sliced mozzarella cheese and the other pizza toppings.

Papa Murphy’s Best Pizza

The menu of this pizza range is famous for its signature pizzas, which made the brand recognizable. The Cowboy, chicken garlic, Hawaiian, Papa’s all meat and the other variants are really tasty when being baked and served to your home table. There are stuffed pizzas and Gourmet Delite types like herb chicken Mediterranean or gourmet vegetarian pizzas. Mini Murphs are the kits for making pizzas by children, and they are very easy to make and bake for the small ones.

Anyway, you might create your own pizza by choosing the ingredients. First, you pick crust: original, delite or stuffed variant. The sauce options are the following: creamy garlic, herb tomato, traditional sauce or olive oil. When choosing the toppings, you may have plenty of variants like kinds of meat, herbs, veggies etc. So, you are able to feel as a cook and do some cooking magic with the fresh ingredients in the homey atmosphere.

Papa Murphy’s Tulsa

There are several places where you have a chance to order and pick up your own Papa Murphy’s pizza in Tulsa. The menu and order are available online, so don’t waste your time and start creating your pizza. The Google ratings of these pizza spots are 4.5

Papa Murphy’s Bremerton, WA

There are a few pizza places here and the online menus with the online orders are at your service there. You might also order your own pizza requiring baking by phone, if you like.

Papa Muprhy’s Roseburg, OR

The pizza spots are also at your service in this place and it might be ordered online or by phone. So, take you taco pizza or vegetarian one to bring more Italian flavor to your life.

Papa Murphy’s Wenatchee, WA

Plan your trip to drop by this place and get cheap and fresh pizza with you, and some additional dishes like salads to stay energetic and healthy.

Papa Murphy’s Springfield, OR

Come here and get the pizza made right before your eyes. Take it home and bake it there for the family or friends. You have an opportunity to order your lunch or dinner by phone or online.

So, go ahead and bring some piece of Italian spirit into your mouth and mood!